· To which societies and academies has Dr. Gerbe been awarded active memberships?


- American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

- American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck surgery

- American Rhinologic Society

- American Academy of Sleep Medicine

- Womack Surgical Society (UNC)

· Is Dr. Gerbe a “Board Certified” Surgeon?


YES. Dr. Gerbe has been a Board Certified Regional Subspecialist Surgeon since 1983.
Dr. Gerbe’s Board Certification includes Facial Plastic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery
and Ear Nose and Throat Surgery.

Dr. Gerbe has been performing Facial Plastic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery and Sinus Surgery in a COMPLICATION – FREE manner for over 25 years and has performed over 15,000 distinct surgical procedures upon approximately 7,000 individual patients.

· Where does Dr. Gerbe perform his patient’s surgical procedures?


Although Dr. Gerbe received most of his education at Duke University and the University
of North Carolina School of Medicine – where he is both privileged and gratified to have
the opportunity to interact with Surgical residents on a weekly basis – he performs all of
his surgical procedures at the REX HEALTH CARE, REX SURGICAL CENTER OF CARY
or in his office Operating Room Suite. Our patient’s experiences within the Rex
Healthcare system have been exemplary and we are grateful for the opportunity to
provide our patients with the unparalleled surgical and anesthesia services available
through Rex Healthcare.

· Does Dr. Gerbe perform minimally invasive, rapid recovery facial plastic surgery?


Absolutely YES.

Dr. Gerbe is keenly aware that it is the rare patient – indeed – who can miss long periods
of time from work or away from family endeavoring to improve and rejuvenate their facial appearance. Dr. Gerbe is a strong advocate of minimally invasive facial plastic surgery –
as long as it meets both the short term AND long term goals of his patients.

Dr. Gerbe performs minimally invasive rhytidectomy (facelift), blethroplasty (eyelid
surgery), temporal brow lifts, and neck lifts. Dr. Gerbe utilizes Botox and facial fillers
(i.e. Restylane, Radiesse, Juviderm) in association with minimally invasive procedure as
an important part of his holistic approach to facial plastic surgery. This approach
accelerates post procedure recovery, increases safety, and decreases both cost and potential discomfort.

· Although some patients have saved and planned for facial plastic surgery for years,
others may not be able to pay for those procedures completely at the time of surgery.
How can those patients obtain the results they wish within their budgets and in an expeditious manner?


Dr. Gerbe has made CARE CREDIT available to his patients for exactly that purpose.
CARE CREDIT is a financial division of the world’s largest corporation and has rendered
long desired facial plastic surgery A REALITY for many of Dr. Gerbe’s patients - while allowing these patients to enjoy the great benefits of a more youthful and vibrant
appearance earlier than otherwise possible.

· Typically, how long is the recovery time after facial plastic surgery?


During the three decades that Dr. Gerbe has been performing facial plastic surgery, he
has witnessed – and his patients have benefited from – a dramatic decrease in recovery times, a fantastic decrease in any associated discomfort, and a virtual elimination of other post-operative annoyances such as nausea. These improvements are partly linked to the advent of minimally invasive, tissue sparing techniques, and partly the result of the
proactive use of newer pharmaceuticals which accelerate healing and dramatically
decrease discomfort. Even the most extensive Facial Plastic Procedure (Rhinoplasty & Facelift) now require less than 10 days for full recovery and most minimal invasive procedures nessate no loss of time from work!

· Can medically indicated surgical procedures be performed concurrently with facial
plastic surgery procedures?


Absolutely YES! Dr. Gerbe often performs procedures such as rhinoplasty (cosmetic improvement of the nose), Blethroplasty (cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, cosmetic neck surgery, Botox and facial fillers, at the same time as nasal, sinus or “snoring” and sleep apnea surgery. Having done these combined procedures on many occasions, Dr. Gerbe
has found that it does NOT appreciably increase the post-operative healing times nor alter the post-operative experience. Combining procedures has allowed patients to accomplish both their medical and cosmetic goals within the same abbreviated recovery period.

· What is Dr. Gerbe’s approach to patients suffering from nasal sinus and allergy complaints?


As previously stated, Dr. Gerbe has, over three decades, developed a highly effective, remarkably safe, and patient friendly approach to the reconciliation of his patient’s nasal, sinus and allergy related maladies. Dr. Gerbe has, over time, fine tuned his “holistic” approach to nasal, sinus and allergy problems and then applies that “time-tested”
approach to every individual patient in a unique and personal manner.

Every patient suffering from nasal or sinus disease is thoroughly and efficiently evaluated

- bacterial and/or fungical infection

- allergy tested for both inhalants and delayed reaction to fungi/mold

- treated medically in a through and cognitive manner.

If, after exhausting medical therapy, the patient has become a “surgical candidate AND
has expressed interest in a surgical solution to their nasal and sinus complaints, Dr.
Gerbe is extremely well equipped to add
the surgical dimension to the patient’s

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