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We, at the Chapel Hill ENT-Facial Plastic Surgery, have been safely and effectively evaluating and treating patients for allergic disease for over 25 years. Clearly,
inhalant allergies and delayed hypersensitivity to multiple endemic fungi (i.e. molds),
play a very significant role in the pathophysiology of chronic rhinosinusitis – the ultimate diagnosis of many of our patients. As an integral part of the evaluation of primary allergic
rhinitis (nasal and sinus allergies) and allergic pulmonary disease, as well as a key
element in our practice’s holistic approach to the cure of chronic rhinosinusitis, we
routinely perform Serial Endpoint Titration testing (S.E.T.) for inhalant allergens. We, similarly, also perform Delayed Hypersensitivity testing for fungal/mold allergies. With
the ever increasing efforts to conserve energy, it is Dr. Gerbe’s belief that chronic
exposure to non-infectious indulent fungi/molds has caused a dramatic increase in
delayed hypersensitivity/ “autoimmune” sinus, pulmonary and even gastrointestinal

Once in possession of the data from allergic testing, our practice can assist our
patients in formulating environmental changes, non-sedating antihistamines, topical medications, vigorous treatment of inflammatory sinus disease, and in some of
our patients, cutaneous immunotherapy, leading to allergic desensitization.

As demonstrated by other divisions of our practice, a thorough, minimally
invasive, holistic approach has proven highly effective in meeting OUR PATIENT'S
stated needs.

Should you believe that the symptoms, from which you dearly wish to be relieved,
have their basis in allergic disease, Dr. Gerbe and his highly trained and empathic assistants would be delighted to assist you in meeting your goals of allergic symptom resolution. Simply call us at (919) 967-5599 for an appointment.

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